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Our experienced team of engineers provide industry-leading managed IT services, from basic technical issues to the most complex network optimization and security analysis.
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100% Pro-Active IT Support – One Flat Fee

Why chose SulTek Managed IT Services?

We become your all-in-one IT department, responsible for the maintenance of your IT systems.  Our clients rely on the stability, predictability, security and redundancy of their IT network. To that end, we empower clients with proactively managed networks and the assurance that major disasters are averted and small inefficiencies that cost a lot of money due to frequency of occurrence and timing are caught beforehand and controlled. Whether you’re looking for a professional IT firm to install a new network, upgrade your PCs, install software, provide a security assessment or you need day-to-day IT support, let SulTek be your team. Let us work with you to provide an individual support program to meet your needs and budget and make downtime obsolete!

SulTek Managed Services Packages are customized to fit your specific needs

24x7x365 Monitoring & Alerting

Our Infrastructure Management Team monitors your entire infrastructures availability, health and performance. We will proactively respond to issues within your network on a continuous 24x7x365 basis to ensure that your business avoids costly downtime. If needed, we will contact you with any issues that need attention.


Unlimited Remote Support

Our dedicated Remote Help Desk Team will provide you with unlimited remote support for your covered Managed Services at no charge. Call us or email us any time, and we will work with you until the problem is fixed.


We will ensure your antivirus console is running properly on the back end. We will also ensure antivirus is installed and up to date on all of your Covered Managed Services Resource.

Updates & Patches

We will update the software/firmware of your resources covered under you Managed Services whenever necessary to maintain proper network functionality at no additional charge.

Vendor Management

Your dedicated Support Engineer will act as your liaison with vendors. We will contact vendors and manufacturers to try to solve any issues that come up with your Covered Managed Services Resource, hardware and software. In the event of a hardware failure, we will facilitate and manage the RMA process. We will then help you configure your replacement once it arrives.

Back-ups & Disaster Recovery

We provide a cost-efficient and agile solution to implement or replace dated business disaster recovery plans. We perform regular backups of your data to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. Don’t wait until it’s too late after disaster strikes. We can help prevent something bad from getting even worse.

The SulTek Managed IT Services Advantage


Tailored to Your Needs

No two businesses have the exact same IT requirements. SulTek will provide a customized plan to meet your business needs, whether your business is a small business such as a boutique, medical or legal practice or a large advertising or engineering firm, we offer a best-fit option to meet your specific IT needs.


Predictable Costs

SulTek can help you save money on your IT cost by reducing the need for in-house IT staff. You will have one monthly set fee that is tailored to your business IT needs, wether it be supplemental managed services or your all-in-one full service IT department.

SulTek will tailor your IT managed services for your small to medium business to increase efficiency, decrease cost, improve security and uptime.

SulTek Managed IT Services Options


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