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Online and text communication has become an intrical part of day to day business. Create a dynamic workforce that can work from anywhere!  Multiple types of Office 365 migrations are available. Choosing the best technique for your business can be confusing. Allow SulTek’s IT business consultants to walk you through the types of migrations available to you. Depending on your current email system and version, our professionals will recommend a phased approach, an instant change over, or a hybrid approach. It is also possible to migrate users from internet services, such as Gmail, to Office 365. Our professionals will assess your system to devise the migration plan that will cause the least disruption to your employees while keeping as much data as possible intact. In addition to improving the connectivity for your employees and the professional face of your business’s email, Office 365 has predictable subscription costs that include free updates with subscription. Contact SulTek today to optimize your business’ email with an All-Inclusive Office Suite.

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